De Luxe

Coffee Shop - Owner & Operator 410 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY Created a new business from concept to completion. Responsible for branding, interior design, menu, ordering, book keeping, and every day tasks that include opening and closing shop.

De Luxe was the most challenging project yet, creating a business from the ground up in Brooklyn, NY. Decisions from coffee roaster to wallpaper, paying attention to detail is what really made De Luxe a brand, not just a cafe. Follow us on instagram! @DeLuxeBK
Custom Neon Sign on Vintage Deadstock Wallpaper, Gold Printed Drink Koozies, Hand Stamped Drink Sleeves
Gold Leaf, Hand Painted Front Window & Door
Letterpress 5lb Coffee Bags & Hand Stamped Bags
Doma Coffee Roasters had no problem with us designing our own bags, we didn't want to be mistaken for roasting our beans so we co-branded.
Some of our swag.
Punch Cards, Business Cards & Gift Cards
Window Menu
Custom Designed No Smoking Sign (required by NYC Mental Health Dept.)
Food Allergy Poster (required by NYC Mental Health Dept.)
1 Year Anniversary Party Poster
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